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Personal Training

Personal Training

Whether you are struggling for motivation, have hit a plateau in your fitness development, or just want someone to help you push your training to the next level, Fit24’s team of Personal Trainers can provide the assistance you need.

Our Level 3 Advanced Qualified Personal Trainers all practice what they preach, and will create a bespoke programme that’s completely tailored to you. If you want to lose weight, tone up or build muscle, we’ll make sure you reach your goals. Advising you on everything from supplementary routines to nutrition, we’ll supervise your training, whilst motivating and advising you at every step along the way.

We can also help you to prepare for specific sporting events or personal goals, so whether you want to run a marathon, or just get in shape for your summer holiday, we’ll help you to surpass your limits and expectations.
Great for kick-starting a new regime, and helping to educate you about the best ways to train, we offer a range of packages, with single session prices starting at just £35.

For further information about our personal training, or to book a programme, call 01482 215 333 today, or email